ISBN: 9780976498803   Expanding The Boundaries Of Self Beyond The Limit Of Traditional Thought

Discovering The Magic Within

Snippet of Chapters

                     Part I - How It All Began


 Chapter 2:     Born Of Confusion

 Chapter 3:     From Awareness to Empowerment

 Chapter 5:     Progressively Expanding the Mind


                     Part II - Self Discovery Analysis (SDA)


 Chapter  6:     Self Development Analysis—SDA


                     Part III - Examples of SDA -


 Chapter  7:     A Mother’s Love: The Binding Force of Love

 Chapter  8:     A Father’s Bonding

 Chapter 11:    Here Today, Gone Tomorrow

 Chapter 15:    Karma and Sin

 Chapter 16:    Women: The Center of Influence

 Chapter 17:    Spirituality in Leadership, Management and

                      Corporate Business

 Chapter 18:    Service to Our Fellow Beings

 Chapter 19:    Steps to Transformation

 Chapter 21:    Reincarnation — the flight of the soul

 Chapter 22:    Angels or Aliens

 Chapter 24  Spirituality—A Journey

 Chapter 25:    Why a Church, Temple or Mosque

 Chapter 26:    New Scientific Challenges

                    Part IV - Meditation


 Chapter 27:  A Journey into Being


                    Part V - Linking Mind and Spirit

 Chapter 30The Greatest Computer on Earth


                    Part VI - Epilogue -

                    Reflections Beyond Time


 Chapter 31The Awareness of Being


                    Poems included in the book:-

            Life’s Love Affairs                   © by Don Petrucelle

            Golden Age                           © by Don Petrucelle

            The Circle of Consciousness   © by Oliver Jobson

            Angel's in Disguise                 © by Oliver Jobson

            Peace                                   © by Oliver Jobson

            I AM the Atom                       © by Oliver Jobson

           Foreword by Timothy McCartney PHD; FCHS 

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All poems © 2005 by Oliver H. Jobson, Chy

From His Book:

Expanding The Boundaries Of Self Beyond The Limit Of Traditional Thought.  

This thought provoking book is appealing to the religious, agnostic and atheist.