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"This book is like a loyal friend and sage counselor inspiring and guiding one to achieve true personal liberation from the confusion of our times. Jobson has created a golden tapestry of personal experiences, weaving it with the timeless threads of Universal truth."

~ John J. Falone, author of "The Genius Frequency"
Gulotta Communications, Inc reports in the press release that this book is presented in the form of a philosophical biography of personal development, Expanding The Boundaries Of Self Beyond The Limit of Traditional Thought explains the principles of Monism, a philosophy guiding humanity on living a daily life of awareness and enrichment in harmony with science, nature and religion as a single unit of expression.
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  • Man is the Divine poured into the human mould, just as everything else, alive or inert, is; but it is the privilege of man, alone, to be able to become aware of this precious truth. This is the message of the Upanishads to man. The same message is echoed by the scriptures, and the declarations of countless saints.
"Beyond thought Om Sai Ram! If your eyes and ears are open and your mind is closed you can neither see nor hear ~Sri Sathya Sai Baba"
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"Expanding The Boundaries Of Self Beyond The Limit Of Traditional Thought" stimulates a positive mental, spiritual and emotional attitude for a relaxed, happy and stress free life.
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According to a media release, is that it "does not draw readers away from their respective religions, but rather it expands the consciousness beyond the limits of dogma and mindless acceptance."
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Challenging dogma, ritual, custom and orthodox thought, Jobson probes deep into aspects of ethics and humanities as he identifies the basic foundation of our eternal principles for good living.