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The Synergy of Being...
Going Beyond the
Dimension of Thought.

A New Adventure on the
Science of Sci-Pex ™

This book is an odyssey written for those expecting to attract from life the commensurate value that they contribute to life. Jobson has a dynamic personality and strong public speaking skills. He has condensed 1,000 pages into a comfortable and easy but interesting read of 224 pages. A book for those who feel limited and confined in an existence that appears to fence their life in an inescapable trap; and who have the desire and determination to take that one step beyond the norm to discover a super human reality within.

Oliver H. Jobson has written a literary masterpiece with his new book based on his personal quest to untangle the complex story of life. He delves into the many issues between birth and death that we ponder from youth to adulthood, revealing fundamental answers to the questions that we ask ourselves about our purpose.

Challenging dogma, ritual, custom and orthodox thought, Jobson probes deep into aspects of ethics and humanities as he identifies the basic foundation of our eternal principles for good living. His theories stretch the mind beyond superficial thought, identifying a cause to life and the effects of good living; pointing out that our earthly sojourn commences as consciousness in the womb, developing through a progression leading to illumination (wisdom) and finally culminating in the light.
Jobson takes his readers on a trip beyond dogma, religion, philosophy and the imagination of Science Fiction (Sci-Fi). He invites readers to join him on a personal adventure of exploration into the science of what he calls Sci-Pex ™(Scientific Personal Experience) as they travel through a depth of energy to the frontiers where vibration transposes into the dimension of consciousness.

As one journeys from the outer limits into inner space, from duality to non-duality, one finds that there are no limits to the remarkable beauty and there are no boundaries to the nectar of what one may experience, as long as ones mind has the capacity to go where no man has ventured before.

Jobson's book takes science, daily life and ones own experience to the limits, beyond the threshold of thought, into the dimension of being. He arouses excitement, provoking and challenging discussion among those who stand on the threshold and frontiers of change and progress.

The book introduces the philosophy of Monism which channels readers to think outside the box; stimulating opportunities for mental expansion, thereby, enhancing creativity. Jobson's newly published handbook is as ageless as it is dateless.