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Expanding Beyond Thought... a book revealing the secret that challenges critical thinking. Stimulating a positive mental, spiritual and emotional attitude for a relaxed, happy and stress-free life. This book shares direct perception of the self by realization, detailing a profound understanding of the law of Karma, resonance and sin.

Interview by Eva Ravenwood
"The Spiritual Envoy"

Jobson's powerful new handbook communicates a simple understanding of spiritual evolution ...


The 5 Fundamental Guiding Principles of the Book

The nucleus of this book incorporates five fundamental guiding principles, called the five E's: (1) Examination of Self, (2) Expansion of Mind, (3) Edifying Understanding, (4) Eliminating Erroneous Thoughts and (5) Maintaining Equanimity and Balance.

Going Beyond Dogma and Religion

Beyond Materialism, Thought and Religion For Conflict Resolution



Helping expand awareness and Consciousness on the Planet

ISBN: 9780976498803

Oliver H. Jobson says: A self-development book of thirty-one short chapters tells my story from childhood, fascinated with the thought of a deeper meaning to life, considering we are all born to die. Having had many near-death experiences in the army and many personal miracles, I have been blessed to travel the world on an odyssey to find the essence of life: studying many cultures and religions. I now share my findings, belief and philosophy in a self-help book to assist readers in finding, identifying and experiencing their fullest human potential. Hopefully, you too will derive great benefit from this profound development tool, for a lifetime reward.

Oliver is available for radio/TV interviews, speaking engagements, seminars and workshops.


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ISBN (10 digit): 0976498804
ISBN (13 digit): 9780976498803
Trade soft cover, 5.5 x 8.2, 224 pages
Foreword: Timothy McCartney PHD; FCHS Publishing Company